Our services utilise diverse experience and expertise in: 

Strategic Thinking:

Strategic direction planning
Business planning
Organisation performance management

Organisation Reviews:

Business model development
Business process management
Change management
Governance and organisation structures

Research and Information Management:

Industry, government and stakeholder research
Benchmarking studies
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Strategic Thinking

Our Strategic Thinking services focus on:

  • Business analysis
  • Research and evaluation of the broader environment
  • Defining and evaluating stakeholder models
  • Reviewing and updating industry and organisation strategic direction and focus
  • Sustainability and triple bottom line performance management
  • Facilitating strategic and business planning workshops.

Strategic thinking assignments that we have undertaken have included:

  • Strategic direction, focus and plans for several Australia Seaports and an Australian Airports Corporation.
  • Review and update of the strategic direction and business model for the Import Clearance Program of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service.
  • Strategic direction updates for the Australian livestock export industry, LiveCorp, the Australian Livestock Exporters Council, the Australian Sheepmeat Industry, Animal Health Australia, Meat & Livestock Australia, and Australia’s Grain Fed Beef Industry Association.
  • Development of the strategic direction for the Australian subsidiary of a USA ITC company.
  • Review of the strategic direction and governance of an Australian construction company, and the design and implementation of a marketing strategy for a division of an Australian construction materials organisation.
  • Review and update of the strategic direction and focus for information, library and records management services in the University and Australian, State and Local Government sectors.
  • Review and update of the strategic direction for Australian and New Zealand industry and professional associations.
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Organisation Reviews

Our Organisation Review services focus on:


  • Business analysis
  • Business model reviews
  • Managing organisation improvement projects
  • Assisting with change management initiatives
  • Advice and guidance on organisation governance including organisation structure.

Organisation review projects we have undertaken include:

  • Business process management model definition and an organisation structure review for an Australian newsprint manufacturer.
  • Design and implementation of a technical support process for the Australian subsidiary of a US ITC organisation, and the review and redesign of an HR business process for managing professionals on international assignments for the Australasian subsidiary of a US ITC company.
  • The development of an operational business improvement plan for Australian Customs in the context of legislative changes impacting on Australia’s import and export industries.
  • Project Management of the Value/Efficiency Project for the Import Clearance Program of the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service.
  • Change Management roles:

    The implementation of a Document and Records Management system across multiple State Government organisations and agencies

    The development of service delivery model options for State Government departments’ electronic document and records management

    Preparation for the implementation of SAP financial module updates and changes for an Australia Government department.
  • The development and implementation of Capability 2030, an organisation wide capability enhancement initiative for the City of Sydney Council. This project included undertaking four initial Capability 2030 business process and practice reviews.
  • Design of an organisation-wide business process model for OPSM, the Australian eyewear retailer.
  • The development of a service delivery model for an Australian primary industry services provider in the post deregulation period of the Australian dairy industry.
  • Design of a business process model and organisation structure review for an Australian TAFE College.
  • Review of a commercial service of the National Library of Australia, the development of an e-Library Services Operating Model for an Australian University library service, and a review of the business model for the Australian Taxation Office’s Library and Information Service.
  • The development of a collection review and rationalisation strategy for a state government library shared services provider which provides a diverse range of library and information services to fifteen client departments and agencies.
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Research and Information Management

Our Research and Information Management services are focused on:

  • Market and industry research
  • Government portfolio policy research and analysis
  • Designing and conducting interviews and focus groups
  • Survey design and analysis
  • Benchmarking studies.

The projects we have undertaken include the:

  • Review and analysis of the Australian Government’s energy policies for a national energy association.
  • Research and analysis of trends in the global dairy industry including a review of global economic dairy industry scenarios.
  • Research and evaluation of global, national and local trends impacting the Australian information and library services sector.
  • Review and analysis of global trends in industry supply chains’ use of management systems, audits for product, personnel, equipment and management systems compliance, and an assessment of the strategic direction in non-financial auditing practices in Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia.
  • Design and conduct of a benchmarking study that focused on the practices of ten corporations associated with the management of professionals engaged in international business assignments.
  • Evaluation of a Change Management project for the Australian Department of Finance.
  • Design of a national survey for identifying characteristics of Australia’s archival domain.
  • Design and analysis of a client needs and perceptions survey for an Australian rural services provider, and the identification of client needs and priorities for a Property Management services provider.
  • Design and analysis of user surveys and focus groups for a State Government Health Information Service, the Australian Taxation Office, and Australian dairy farmers, as part of strategic reviews.
  • Preparation of “The Informed Professional” - a weekly internationally focused client subscription newsletter.
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